Women’s Mjölnir [OOAK white howlite rose quartz flowers ]


One of a kind handmade Mjölnir ( Thor’s hammer.) In Norse Mythology the Norse gods associated it with thunder. Mjölnir is depicted in Norse mythology as one of the most fearsome and powerful weapons in existence. It is a sign of protection, strength, and courage.

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Necklace is handmade, in house. 

Mjölnir: Zinc Alloy , antique silver. 1 4/8″  X 1″ , thickness 1/8″.

All beads in this necklace are 8mm (with the exception of a few top lava beads which are 10mm)

Silver spacer beads are 6mm; these spacers have CZ crystals for sparkles.

Lava Beads: black, grey, white

  • Lava beads are natural lava that have been painted and shaped.
  • Lava beads are perfect for essential oil; there is no wax coating. just one drop on a bead is perfect for your aromatherapy.

Gem Beads: White Howlite, Rose Quartz

  • White Howlite will give the gift of wisdom and enlightenment. Howlite is often used in meditation and used to help with stress and anxiety due to its calming properties.
  • Rose Quartz has been said to help one find true love. It is one stone you need if you want love energy to help you and all those who are closest to you. Rose Quartz is often referred to as the “Love Stone.” Having this stone with you will be a great reminder to love yourself and be open to accept the love that others bring your way.
  • Hand painted flower beads.

Strung together on clear, 100% polyester stretch cord 20 inches from clasp to closure.

Clasp: Silver lobster claw

The runic inscription on the Hammer says “Mjolnir”

Necklaces should not be worn when showering or swimming. Handle with care.


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